Habitica Party & Guild Data Tool (v5.7 - vApi NOT INSTALLED !)

Did you double click the Re-Fetch? I have too many things to count here. The error below may not be valid. Check for duplicate usernames in the tables below before reporting.

ERROR! The membership count does not match what is recorded. Please report to Database Guardians at admin@habitica.com that
GROUP name (ID: 1234) membership count does not match the listed users. (Stated: 1 Estimated: 2)

Please wait. Fetching data from Habitica...

There was an error obtaining your data.

  • Check your group id is either "party" or Guild Id which is a string of characters similar to your UID. The Guild ID appears at the end of the URL. Eg. 2ff9822b-27f2-4774-98da-db349b57a38e
  • Please reload the page and then check that your User ID and API Token are correct.
  • If you're using Internet Explorer, try another browser. Chrome or Firefox will be more reliable.
  • If the page's URL starts with "http://" change it to start with "https://" (or just use this correct link).
  • If neither of those help, contact me! See "Help and Contact Details" at the bottom of this page.

Version History

5.7 - Off To the Mailroom!2021-10-11
  • Documentation:
    • Change group member total errors to go to admin@habitica.com
5.6 - Typo Ahoy2021-08-01
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Typo and more typo's fixed. (Thank you @Raith-e for spotting and fixing these)
5.5 - Insert name here2020-11-20
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Handling when the name key is missing from the Category (Yes messy data from Habitica).
    • Removing moment warnings
5.4 - Cookie Cutter2020-08-26
  • Features:
    • Showing version of API as well as version of tool
    • Modifying text around Wacky Pets completed. (Not the same as Magic)
    • Ensuring Windup (Time-traveler quest) is displayed.
5.3 - Bigger helping2020-08-06
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Handling error if not asking for round 60 members or all.
5.2 - Warp Speed2020-08-01
  • Features:
    • Fetch member's details while asking for list - thus cutting down requests making the tool faster.
  • Documentation:
    • Fixing the years in the documentation - Seems I'm already thinking I'm in 2021
5.1 - Drinks Tray Polished2020-07-22
  • Features:
    • Added in the ability to fetch start at any point to fetch the member list.
    • Removed the force round up from 30/60 users.
    • When completing a long pause, made it clear how long to wait.
    • Created a module for the API Limit calls and added a few more sayings :) Thank you Tavern!
  • Documentation:
    • Updated documentation based on API limiting.
5.0 - Lets not Limit the Drinks2020-07-21
  • Features:
    • Handle the new API Limiting - Rough implementation will polish till it shiny later.
4.1 - Not a Warning about Skynet2020-01-24
  • Features:
    • Robot quest now plays with the other pets in Pet Quests Completed.
  • Documentation:
    • Warning now includes message if the fetch button you click twice, thrice, or wow giving that button a work out times.
4.0 - Questing for Some Magic2020-01-19
  • Features:
    • Magic Quest Completed
  • Documentation:
    • Username used in Member Quest Progress blurb
    • Removed ! from Quests Header. (It is important, just not that important)
    • Language clean-up with What's Next with practical statement of my time without a time machine.
    • All sections under Quests: Adding a note if not all party members fetched information may not be correct.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Showing correctly which members have rejected a quest when a quest has started.
3.8 - We are counting here!2019-06-04
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix issue with previous quests totals being handled as text instead of number.
3.7 - Did you say something?2019-06-02
  • Features:
    • Refactored chat text to handle new system format with chat.info.
    • Rename Other Details in Overview to Leader Details. Formatted text.
  • Documentation:
    • Add all x-client calls except content (no header required)
3.6 - Clunky Lines2019-05-01
  • Features:
    • Able to put carriage returns into message (Clunky but will do for now).
    • Made usernames and display names linked to Habitica Profile Page.
  • Documentation:
    • Updated reference & email for spam to generic Admin.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Adding posted date back to mama bear view for Inbox.
    • Adding Message Id back.
3.5 - Pardon, what was your name?2018-12-23
  • Features:
    • Showing Alt usernames when username not defined.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Testing if username set for owners of challenges.
3.4 - Rose by any other name2018-12-18
  • Features:
    • Adding usernames for all tables with UserId
    • Expanding text for Leader and Quest owner in Overview
    • Adding more detail about the Leader in title
  • Documentation:
    • Clean-up and added text to the section descriptions, based on the latest changes from this and last two changes.
    • Clean-up of column justification; Dates & Text Left justified, Numbers right justified, Boolean values centred.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Member Quest Progress in Collection Quests: Showing the correct outstanding items by accounting for over collected items.
    • Member Quest Progress in Collection Quests: Showing the % for quests with 3 or more items (I really should of read my own formula).
3.3 - May I take my leave?2018-08-03
  • Features:
    • Add Abort Quest Button in Member in Quests Participation.
    • Add Leave Quest Button in Member in Quests Participation.
    • Add Required to Finish column in Member Quest Progress.
  • Documentation:
    • Add highlighting to Member Quest Progress to clearly see the numbers left in Member Quest Progress.
    • Remove the quest name being stated twice in Member Quest Progress.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Allowing the last member to be a Lost Duck and go search for it (not just fail).
    • Quest Participation are always created now and tested to hide or show for each item. (Ie buttons display correctly despite if leader change/next quest starts).
    • Pending damage only calculates with those active in the quest.
3.2 - Are we nearly there yet?2018-07-05
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix issue with pending damage for boss quests on who will complete.
3.1 - Are we there yet? (Pending Quest Progress)2018-07-03
  • Features:
    • Created column to show pending damage in quest progress.
    • Determining and show who is likely to end the quest and when with party total of damage.
    • Determining and show the probability of when a collection quest is likely to end.
    • Modifying sort on Member Quest Progress by cron to allow easy scan of pending damage.
    • Adding totals of party own scrolls in quests sections.
3.0 - Don't let the server get you down2018-04-30
  • Features:
    • Added the ability to handle timeouts when fetching members and list of members.
    • Hide Avatar images now on as default to avoid memory issues.
2.9 - Emperor's New Clothes2018-02-24
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Handled if appearance is not populated in chat message. (Further work to be done in the area).
2.8 - Refactor URL Parameter code2018-02-24
  • Features:
    • Added other url parameters, bear and porridge.
    • Added json of appearance to chat.
  • Documentation:
    • Fix thanks for Blade. (Link to code supplied).
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Url parameters apply independent of whether or not the user id parameter is supplied. (Thank you @Accio Books!)
    • Checkbox url parameters can be set to false.
    • Added some unbinding of code to avoid multi-events
    • No longer tries to post a null to chat.
2.7 - Notifications, Summary & Categories2017-11-10
  • Features:
    • Allow the option to clear chat notification (default on)
    • Added ability to hide Avatar Image for Faster Loading
    • Show in Overview Leader Can Only Create Challenges.
    • Added button to toggle Leader Can Only Create Challenges if leader.
    • Added Summary and Category information for Guild
    • Remove deprecated Leader Message.
    • Now shows rage bar information if quest contains one.
    • Added hide_avatar and max and clear_chat as url options.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Avatar image always displays even if column is hidden (Thank you @Blade)
    • Quest Buttons now show and hide correctly.
2.6 - Pretty Pictures2017-10-31
  • Features:
    • Added Avatar Image. Deprecating Avatar link (Not currently available).
    • Updating URL to new website format.
    • Better error with POST functions handling.
    • Direct links to guilds at Habitica
  • Documentation:
    • Clean up of code.
    • Minor fixes to formatting of check boxes.
2.5 - Quest of Chat2017-09-30
  • Features:
    • Can now post messages from the chat sections.
    • Now can see Pending and Rejected Quest participants.
    • Adding Accept, Reject and Start Quest buttons.
    • Can see pending damage in overview section.
    • Updating URL to new website format.
    • Deprecating Avatar link (Not currently available).
  • Documentation:
    • Clean up of code.
    • Some better error handling.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Entering zero max members now only gets the leader and if applicable quest details.
2.4 - Really I Can Count!2017-08-19
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Better handling of null strings with markdown.
    • Mage totals now show in overview.
2.3 - No more undefined collecting2017-08-07
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Collection quests now show progress correctly in Overview.
    • documentation / options always shows next to the re-fetch button
    • Typo Successfully
2.2 - Throttling the Luck2017-07-25
  • Features:
    • Adding Good Luck Cards. Putting Cards in alphabetical order.
    • Adding in throttling for every 1500 member requests. (Required to slow down "member fetch" as servers were not handling requests.)
  • Documentation:
    • Add noted regarding throttling
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Typo Maximum (Thanks @Accio Books!)
2.1 - We Want Our Classes Back!2017-07-07
  • Documentation:
    • Added message PMs are filtered based on fetched members only.
    • Minor wording changes for the section descriptions.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Putting Classes back into tables. No wandering off in future! Thank you @Kingmaker!
    • Handle no challenge owner.
    • If selecting party from drop down see the party sections too.
2.0 - Mods, Likes, Cards!2017-07-04
  • Features:
    • Challenge List
    • Chat Likes
    • PMs
    • Add Likes and Participant Likes Counts to Chat Export.
    • Added Message, Change Leader and Remove User to all tables if guild/party leader. Remove Leadership tools as no longer required.
    • Added Cards Get Well and Congrats.
    • Allowed user to have a select list of their guilds & party.
    • Mods have access to Leadership Tools.
    • Names now render with markdown based on porridge option.
    • groupId added for URL variable
  • Documentation:
    • Minor text change re member activity.
    • Slight modification to the message warning to make it clearer (Added extra punctuation).
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Removed incorrect references to the Data Display Tool. (Thank you @Alys)
    • Cold porridge now shows carriage returns.
    • Zero Chat Guilds are now fetch again
1.7 - Lets have cake! Celebrate birthdays & no more need rearrange the furniture when refreshing.2017-03-04
  • Features
    • Tables no longer loose there settings when changing Porridge option OR re-fetching data. (Fetching will reset the table settings to the options). YAH!
    • Chat Export only System Msg
    • Displaying error message if the recorded (group.count) is incorrect
    • Adding to the Member List, Born (papa) and Next Birthday(mama).
    • Removing UID for all sections in Baby option.
    • Changing the ordering for Pets Quests so the most not completed first and then completed afterwards
    • Changing default option to Hot. (Voted prefer to have best display option then best export option).
  • Bug Fix
    • Forced rounding of damage figures. (Still don't why I had to do it but I did it anyway).
  • Documentation
    • Minor edits due to renaming of guilds & clean up of version history
    • Adding notification stats may be incorrect for Buffs, Transformational items and Quest Progress if player name changed recently.
1.6 - Minor Rearrange2017-01-16
  • Documentation Code
    • Moving Null.html out of the top directory
    • Cleaning up documentation
1.5 - PMs, Buffing, Transformation & Quest Progress Stats2017-01-16
  • Features
    • Member Buffs & Transformation
    • Member Quest Progress
    • Added the ability to send cards to Party members and rename Transformation Items to Transformation Items & Cards
    • Hiding Last Born and showing Last Cron for Mama Bear format in Member Stats
    • Added button Message User to Leadership Tools to allow to bulk PM members if you are the Leader. (It is ugly, I hate it but I might not be able to do much more for while)
    • Added ability to PM user as well as email when removing users through Leadership Tools. (Yes still ugly too).
    • Added ability to see users image with direct link from Habitica. (For @Lorem - Best I can do till they rewrite the website.)
  • Bug Fix
    • Fixing the calculation stats for 100 and over & seasonal gear
1.4 - Thanks @Alys For all you do2016-12-06
  • Documentation
    • Minor word change on overview. (Thank you @Alys)
1.3 - Further Polishing from the Pirates2016-12-05
  • Features
    • Adding a feedback message for Removing users and Transformation Items (Thanks @SweetenedPoison for spotting that one.)
    • Removed the option to sort by relative time period to make it less confusing (Thanks @citrusella, the serving wench for spotting that one.)
  • Bug Fix
    • Handled missing contributor tier level but has contributor text. (Thank you @froggily for spotting that one.)
  • Documentation
    • Section Change "There is X members under level 10..." to "There are X members under level 10...." (Thank you @tricksy.fox)
    • Added commas between rewards lists. (Thank you @tricksy.fox)
    • Right justifying some table information to make it an easier read. (Thank you @Floodid for spotting this.)
    • Adding text to the top of the Transform items and Leadership Tools on how to select multiple rows (Thank you @Alys for spotting this)
    • Adding text to the top of the Pet Quest regarding the number of times required. (Thank you @Accio Books! for spotting this)
    • Adding relevant text for Quests and chat
    • Changing range with Min and Max time diff to make it clearer. (Thanks @tricksy.fox)
    • Max Fetch is rounded up to the nearest 30 (with maybe an extra 1 or 2) (Thank you @mememry for spotting this)
    • Many grammar changes which made me realised I did not like English at school. (Thank you @Floodid (who speaks English as a second language) for providing the new text.)
    • Further grammar changes (Thank you @CloJo - Glad grammar is your thing).
1.2 - Updating the documentation2016-11-26
  • Features:
    • Adding ability to change leaders in LeaderShip tools.
  • Documentation
    • Changed Last Logged On to Last Cron to make it clear
1.1 - Killing the Typo Bug2016-11-26
  • Bug Fix
    • Getting the Actually leader not the quest leader if it missing.
1.0 - Release Version. Shiny!2016-11-25
  • Features
    • Finalising Transformation Items
    • Overview Section
    • Leadership Admin Section including remove users
    • Last Activity Added to Members Activity
    • Added Rewards to Quest sections
    • Added Pet Name to Pets Table
  • Bug Fix
    • Transformation Info to display! Thanks Blade!
0.4 - Polishing and Adding the last of the data 2016-11-16
  • Features:
    • Further working on Transformation items with Blade
0.3 - More Sections & Dashboard 2016-11-15
  • Features:
    • Dashboard
    • All Quest Completed Section
    • Pet Quests Completed Section
    • Use Transformation Item (Not completed)
  • Bug Fix
    • Remove the double fetch of users
    • Only copy/print Export visible columns
0.2 - Bug Fix 2016-11-03
  • Bug Fix
    • Fix the ordering of columns in Quest Participation
0.1 - beta release 2016-11-02
  • Features:
    • Member List Section
    • Member Activity Section
    • Member Activity (Relative) Section
    • Member Stats Section
    • Quests Participation Section
    • Chat Export Section
    • Chat Export without System Messages Section
  • Documentation:
    • Privacy and security notes (also related comments within the code)
    • What's On This Page? (descriptions of each feature)
    • Possible Future Features
    • Suspected Bugs (no support for old browsers; mobile support unknown)
    • Help and Contact Details
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Max Members to Fetch:

Max Members to fetch indicates how many people you want to fetch. The lesser the number the quicker the page will load. Members fetched will always round up to the nearest 60, with the possible for extra 1 or 2 users for the leader or quest leader. 1200 users will take approximately 1 minutes.

Privacy and security notes:

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What's On This Page?

FYI: Last Active date is the latest date of either Cron, Chat, Drop and if fetching data for a party, either when a Buff or Transformational Item is cast. Activity is reflective of the Guild/Party only (Except for Last Cron/Last Drop). It does not include if the user is chatting, or using other areas within Habitica.

Possible Future Features

  • Better dialogue boxes particular with PMs (Yes they are ugly)
  • Cards with PMs
  • Chat Avatar
  • Other Stuff?: Send me ideas! Contact details are below.

Feel free to fork this and implement these features! (It's likely to be a long while before I get to them).

Known Bugs

The hiding and closing of sections is a bit funky. (One day I will fix it but not today.)

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Regardless of what bugs there might be, this page cannot damage your account. It does not contain any code that could result in any changes being made on Habitica except actions performed through this tool via the API. The tool does not directly edit your data..

Thank You!

Thank you to @Alys & Ryan for their code which this is based. Thank you to Blade who provided me the code for the Avatars both the js and implementation here. Thank you all in the Javascript and Aspiring Comrades in answering my newbie questions. Shout out to Blade who help this newbie with her arrays as well as developing code to display the Avatars in the tool. Thank you to the Pirates (and conscripted socialites) who were keelhauled, walked the plank and thrown overboard in testing this product. Thank you to all the parties I joined that help me test this product; hopefully you dried out from all the snow.

Help and Contact Details

This page has been created by cTheDragons. If you have questions, problems, or suggestions, you're welcome to contact me, although I cannot guarantee that I'll always be able to spend a lot of time on this. You can contact me at Testing & Bug Squashing for Dragon Tools. I tend to ignore emails & PMs.

Code can be source at Github. Contributions are welcome. As already stated, any issues please report to Testing & Bug Squashing for Dragon Tools for a faster response and to avoid duplication.

If you have general questions about Habitica, post them to Tavern or Habitica Help: Ask a Question Guild.

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