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Version History

3.1 - Back of the Cupboard2020-09-17
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Bulk Feed for magic pets will work when some food types are not available.
    • Ensure triad bingo messages state 10 minutes not 20.
3.0 - Cookie Cutter - with better food delivery!2020-09-03
  • Features:
    • Handling the new Habitica API Limits.
    • Showing version of API as well as version of tool.
    • Using the amount feeding option when feeding pets.
    • Will try to pick the most food type to feed that first.
2.1 - Lets Ride!2019-08-10
  • Features:
    • Added Equip buttons to equip mount and pet (Thank you @PitiTheGrey)
    • Added a prompt if bulk feeding to warn users all types of food will be used
    • Added a prompt if manual feeding with the wrong food (Thank you @PitiTheGrey)
2.0 - Just Wacky2019-05-03
  • Features:
    • Added Wacky type
    • Stopped Wacky Pets being feed.
  • Documentation:
    • Add all x-client calls except content (no header required)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Added delay to feeding, hatching and selling to avoid sever overload.
    • Better error handling when JSON Message not available.
1.8 - Bits for Bob the Pet2017-02-24
  • Documentation:
    • Rename of Feed all Pets to Triad Bingo.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Url parameters apply independent of whether or not the user id parameter is supplied. (Thank you @Accio Books!)
    • Checkbox url parameter can be set to false.
1.7 - Be Free My Pretty Ones!2017-11-14
  • Features:
    • Added Release Triad Bingo Button.
    • Showing All Pets Fed, Hatch Spaces and Pet Feed List.
    • Updating URL to new website format.
    • Better error with POST functions handling.
  • Documentation:
    • Clean up of code.
    • Minor fixes to formatting of check boxes.
    • Rename to Standard to match new naming convention for Gen 1 Pets
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Not Hatched totals are now corrected for Released Gen 1 Pets
1.6 - Odd Bug2017-09-16
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix unable to sell or hatch items due extra "/"
1.5 - Force Feed2017-08-27
  • Documentation:
    • Added names, not keys to Pet Feed List. Added commas.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • "Manual feed" pets even if no ideal food is available. (Thanks @Il Mago)
1.4 - Surely I will win this Triad Bingo war2017-08-20
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Ensuring next action occurs when pet is not ready to hatch when completing Triad Bingo. (Thanks @Il Mago)
1.3 - Spread It Out Evenly2017-08-19
  • Features:
    • Feeding Magic Potion Pets now feed evenly based on the most food type (potion type). (Thanks @therealzehner , @Il Mago)
    • Remove description from Selling error. (Unable to easily just select eggs etc and information was not useful).
    • Show all Sell buttons on top line.
    • Create new columns in Eggs to determine if all Pets are generated, how many hatching spaces and what potion types can be fed. (Columns are not auto-show).
  • Documentation:
    • After Fed => Once Fed for better sorting.
    • Removed information about guilds when unable to fetch user information (Bad Login).
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Remove error that pet can't be fed when completing triad Bingo without all the items. (Thanks @Il Mago)
    • Re-Fetch button doesn't disable when completing triad.
    • Required / Missing totals are now correct in Triad Bingo section. (Thanks @Il Mago)
    • Better handling of null strings with markdown.
    • Incorrect User Id/API does not include confusing error message about guilds.
1.2 - We can wait without the errors2017-08-05
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Removing the error for no pet when Triad Bingo button is used. (Thanks @Il Mago for finding this)
    • Typo responses. (Thanks @katzalina for finding this).
1.1 - 3! Goodness me! Bingo!2017-08-04
  • Documentation:
    • Added warning when completing Triad Bingo it may take over 20 minutes.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Triad Bingo now works if you are hatching -> Feeding -> hatching. (Use to skip the feeding)
    • Triad Bingo and Re-Fetch Data button disables when completing Triad Bingo to avoid issues. (Not fool proof but stops the stray click).
    • Manual Feed now actually uses the food you specified. (The computer does not always know better)
    • Version information now shows after fetching data.
1.0 - Public Release2017-08-03
  • Features:
    • Sell Items
    • Triad Bingo hatch/feed button now appears regardless if the user has all items available.
    • Give the user the ability to show images of pets/eggs/potions and food where appropriate.
  • Documentation:
    • Added more description to each of the sections.
    • Change type in Pets to match the description used in game.
    • Eggs section always shows zero when the user has no eggs.
    • Potions section always shows zero when the user has no food or potions.
    • Pets section always shows zero when the user has no food but can feed pet.
    • Expanded the name in Triad Bingo to make it clear what you are looking for.
    • Rearrange of sections, columns as required
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Triad Bingo now shows items that are missing if the user has none.
    • documentation / options always shows next to the re-fetch button
    • Typo options
0.1 - Beta Release 2017-08-01
  • Features:
    • Pets Section
    • Triad Bingo Section
    • Activity Log Section
    • Eggs Section
    • Potion Section
    • Bulk feeding pets selected with food desired
    • Bulk hatching pets
    • Manually feeding pets with food
    • Completing Triad Bingo with one button
  • Documentation:
    • Spoiler Note
    • Privacy and security notes (also related comments within the code)
    • What's On This Page? (descriptions of each feature)
    • Possible Future Features
    • Suspected Bugs (no support for old browsers; mobile support unknown)
    • Help and Contact Details
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What's On This Page?

Possible Future Features

  • Column Filtering (as opposed to single search box)
  • Other Stuff?: Send me ideas! Contact details are below.

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Thank You!

Thank you to @Alys & Ryan for their code which this is based. Thank you to the brave and mighty testers in the Testing & Bug Squashing for Dragon Tools; your willingness to dive into the murky waters of beta testing makes these tools better.

Help and Contact Details

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Code can be source at Github. Contributions are welcome. As already stated, any issues please report to Testing & Bug Squashing for Dragon Tools for a faster response and to avoid duplication.

If you have general questions about Habitica, post them to Tavern or Habitica Help: Ask a Question Guild.

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