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Version History

3.0 - Cookie Cutter2020-09-03
  • Features:
    • Handling the new Habitica API Limits.
    • Showing version of API as well as version of tool
2.3 - One should not release code at 4am in morning2019-05-01
  • Features:
    • Made usernames and display names linked to Habitica Profile Page.
  • Documentation:
    • Updated reference for spam email address to generic Admin.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Handled if username is not set.
2.2 - Missing on delete2019-04-29
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Put Message Id back, so messages can be deleted.
2.1 - Time for a Service2019-04-29
  • Features:
    • Adding usernames (with alt if username not defined).
    • Refactor URL input
    • Able to put carriage returns into message (Clunky but will do for now).
  • Documentation:
    • Updated email to admin@habitica.com regarding spam messages.
  • Bugs:
    • Fixed the showing and hiding documentation. No need to refresh to show/hide now!
2.0 - Top Down2017-11-14
  • Features:
    • Added ability to reply messages.
    • Added ability to delete selected messages.
    • Added ability to delete ALL messages.
    • Added ability to send messages with User ID only.
    • Updating URL to new website format.
    • Better error with POST functions handling.
  • Documentation:
    • Clean up of code. (LOTS AND LOTS)
    • Minor fixes to formatting of check boxes.
1.7 - Nothing Flash But Nice To Know2017-08-19
  • Features:
    • Names now render with markdown based on porridge option.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Removed incorrect references to the Data Display Tool. (Thank you @Alys)
    • Cold porridge now shows carriage returns.
    • Better handling of null strings with markdown.
1.6 - Minor Rearrange2017-01-16
  • Documentation Code
    • Moving Null.html out of the top directory
    • Cleaning up documentation
1.5 - That is where that typo went! 2016-12-07
  • Documentation:
    • Minor Document updates on what on this page.
1.4 - That is where that typo went! 2016-12-05
  • Documentation:
    • Fixing text regarding Warm Porriage (Thank you @Floodid & @CloJo)
1.3 - More export and columns selections. Making Firefox compatible 2016-11-16
  • Features:
    • Upgrade to select / deselect all columns
    • Added Print, copy and export to excel options
    • Retired TAB format to remain compatible with firefox.
1.2 - Mark Inbox as Read 2016-11-02
  • Features:
    • Giving the option to mark item as read
1.1 - Serving Porridge 2016-10-15
  • Features:
    • Created Porriage options
    • Allowed text to be rendered in Habitica Markup format
    • Create format that removed all html tags
    • Moved Export bar to Main area
    • Sources moved to external documents
1.0 - initial release 2016-10-12
  • Features:
    • Inbox Data Listing in Table Format
    • Export of Inbox in CSV format
    • Export of Inbox in Tab Delimited format
  • Documentation:
    • Privacy and security notes (also related comments within the code)
    • What's On This Page? (descriptions of each feature)
    • Possible Future Features
    • Suspected Bugs (no support for old browsers; mobile support unknown)
    • Help and Contact Details
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This page shows you certain information from your Habitica account. You can read the full list below, or just enter your details and try it out.

Enter your Habitica API details (from the Settings -> API page)

To ensure quick loads, only use one instance of Third Party Tool at a time.

Privacy and security notes:

  • Your API Token is a password - do not share it with anyone, not even the maintainer of this page if you are seeking help.
  • When you enter your User ID and API Token here and click "Fetch My Data", your ID and Token are sent to Habitica's servers. They are not sent anywhere else. To confirm that, you can ask someone who knows the JavaScript programming language to examine the source of this page.
  • This page does not save your User ID and API Token to any location, but your browser might, if it has been configured to save form and password information. If you are using this page on a shared computer, you should clear any data that the browser has saved.
  • You cannot view anyone else's private data by using this page.
  • To clear your data, reload the page.

What's On This Page?

  • Inbox Listing Table Format: A table listing personal inbox messages with option to export, print or copy to clipboard.

Possible Future Features

  • A nicer multi line box when posting messages. (This will need to be done by someone else as the code is currently beyond me)
  • Other Stuff?: Send me ideas! Contact details are below.

Known Bugs

Internet Explorer will produce odd results if you use the "Re-Fetch Data" button. Reloading the page will fix the problem. Avoid using that button. Avoiding Internet Explorer will also work.

This page will not work correctly on old browsers because it uses modern website features and relies on compliance to standards (both can be lacking in old browsers). Updating your browser is important for general safety on the internet! If you have upgraded your browser to the latest version and are still having problems, please tell me! Contact details are below.

Regardless of what bugs there might be, this page cannot damage your account. It does not contain any code that could result in any changes being made on Habitica except actions performed through this website/API.

Thank You!

Thank you to @Alys & Ryan for their code which this is based. Thank you all in the Javascript and Aspiring Comrades in answering my newbie questions.

Help and Contact Details

This page has been created by cTheDragons. If you have questions, problems, or suggestions, you're welcome to contact me, although I cannot guarantee that I'll always be able to spend a lot of time on this. You can contact me at Testing & Bug Squashing for Dragon Tools. I tend to ignore emails & PMs.

Code can be source at Github. Contributions are welcome. As already stated, any issues please report to Testing & Bug Squashing for Dragon Tools for a faster response and to avoid duplication.

If you have general questions about Habitica, post them to Tavern or Habitica Help: Ask a Question Guild.

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